Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Exchanging glances, recognizing a silent cry for help

Christopher Buchanan reports at WCNC NBC Charlotte,
ROME, Ga. -- It's a moment spreading across the globe, reminding us to remember our elders and, for many, restoring faith in humanity. But the Georgia woman behind it has a message that she hopes isn't lost.

Lisa Jackson was in a Kroger in Rome, Ga. when she exchanged glances with an older man in a veteran’s cap and a motorized cart. He smiled and she smiled back. It was a simple moment that could have easily passed.

But Jackson told NBC Charlotte affiliate 11Alive that she saw something else in his eyes. Experiencing pain in her own life – and working with older men and women in her own work as a home care nurse -- Jackson said she recognized a silent cry for help.
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