Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chicago crime, ISIS IED in Australia, American diplomats' hearing loss

Bret Baier's Special Report comes to us from Chicago tonight. Chicago is experiencing the same high murder rate again this year. Someone is shot every 2 hours. Most of the crime is gang-related. Mexican cartels utilize the fact that Chicago has the second highest Mexican population in the US. Members of the community are enlisted in the importation of heroin, and fentanyl is also flooding the city, fueling gang vendettas.

Bret interviews the Police Chief who was fired by Obama's buddy Rahm Emmanuel in 2015. Since then the police have backed off the successful community policing program. The Obama Justice Department meddled in the police department affairs, making matters worse.

ISIS imported bomb-making materials from Turkey to some brothers in Australia to bomb a flight. The brothers backed off at the last minute, but they have been arrested and charged.

The investigation continues into the use of sonar waves to cause five American diplomats in Cuba to have hearing loss.

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