Saturday, February 04, 2017

Rush: "He’s gonna have to get up to speed"

At WND Joe Kovacs reports that Rush Limbaugh
unleashed on the commander in chief Tuesday for what he called a “serious” problem, keeping numerous officials from former President Obama’s era in his own administration.

Monday night, Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for defiantly refusing to defend his executive order closing U.S. borders to refugees and people from predominantly Muslim countries.

“She should not have been there in the first place, and it’s not the fault of the Senate for not confirming [Sen. Jeff] Sessions already [as attorney general]. And it’s not the fault of anybody but Donald Trump,” Limbaugh said on his national broadcast.

“Donald Trump is singularly responsible for this woman being there. She should have been let go on Day One with every Obama appointee.”

Limbaugh wondered aloud when those on the political right were going to learn how those on the left are in full attack mode all the time.

“They do not believe in the kind of civility that we believe in. The left is simply a bunch of mean-spirited extremist bullies who are not interested in cooperating, working together, being civil or any of that. Sally Yates and every other Obama appointee should have been gone within 30 minutes of Trump taking the oath of office. That is his fault for not doing so.”

Limbaugh said he wasn’t sure why Trump kept Yates on for 10 days into his administration, but he theorized that it’s because Trump is “not ideological.”

“He’s gonna have to get up to speed on it,” said Limbaugh. “It’s not enough to know that he faces opposition. I’m sure he knows that. I’m sure his eyes are being opened each and every day. I’m sure he’s seeing a side of these people that he used to think were his friends. But until he is able to get up to speed and understand that he is fighting liberalism, socialism, extremism bordering on near communism, he’s not gonna understand what he’s up against.”
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