Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Taking responsibility

Bookworm writes today about poverty.
In America, especially, poverty — real poverty of the type that people experienced historically or that people still experience in the Third World — no longer exists. To the extent that there are people who live in the streets, who go hungry, and who lack clothing or other care, you’ll invariably find mental illness or substance abuse attached.

...Imagine how different things would be if one could introduce into America’s worst communities a culture of traditional morality, rather than a culture of Black Lives Matter?

The problem with Black Lives Matter, and all other aspects of Progressivism when applied to the poor, is that these ideologies absolve America’s poorest people from taking responsibility for their actions. The problem is that, if one doesn’t take responsibility for one's conduct, one cannot change that conduct. It is a vicious cycle in which poor people have relatively decent material benefits (relative to history and geography) but tremendous moral and spiritual poverty that traps them in Dante-esque Hells, with Progressive gatekeepers who assiduously deny them the keys to freedom.
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Infidel de Manahatta said...

But....but....responsibility is raaaaaacist. MSNBC told me so.