Friday, December 09, 2016

No candidate won the majority of votes cast.

Greg Penglis writes at Intellectual Conservative, ...
Just for fun, let’s look at the popular vote in detail. Here is the key. *** NO CANDIDATE WON THE POPULAR VOTE!!!” To win the popular vote you have to get over 50%, that is what a majority is. What Hillary Clinton won was a PLURALITY. She got 48.2% of the vote. Donald Trump got 46.5 % of the vote. Not a big difference. Now here is where it gets interesting. Bill Clinton in 1992 only got 42.9% of the popular vote… Which means, Donald Trump won more of the popular vote than Bill Clinton, and no one on the Left said a word about Bill Clinton not being a legitimate President. Bill Clinton won a plurality, just like many presidents before him. It happens all the time. There is nothing unusual about this election. Hillary won a plurality, nothing more, but lost the election. That’s the way it is.
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