Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Don't Mistake Paradise for that Home Across the Road."

QP's Quiptorium links us to a vitally important piece by Thomas Sewell on the difference between associations and alliances. Obama's connections to Wright, Phleger, Ayres, Dohrn, Rezko, and ACORN were alliances, not mere associations. Sewell explains why that is an important distinction.

QP also links to the Bob Dylan tune that is the title of this post.

By the way, Clarence Thomas, in his book, "My Grandfather's Son," tells us that Thomas Sewell was a significant inspiration to Clarence Thomas when he read "Race and Economics" as a young lawyer in Missouri. He was so very relieved to find another black man who had arrived at many of the same conclusions that he, Thomas, had reached.

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Terri Wagner said...

Went to see Lakeview Terrace this past Saturday which I wouldn't recommend (it was not my choice), but it tackled the issue of racism among blacks. Time people started dragging this out into the open.