Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hillary says she can't return Weinstein's money, Hollywood's secret, Trump proposes allowing health insurance companies to cross state lines, Pakistan helps secure family's release from the Taliban

Greg: Hillary says she can't return the money given to her by Harvey Weinstein. Why not?

Greg: This was not Harvey's secret. This was Hollywood's secret! You know, that group of people who look down on us if we speak out against Planned Parenthood or global warming!

Jesse: Why did Hillary wait a week to speak out? She ordinarily speaks out right away on major news items. Also, this is the first time a reporter has asked her about it!

Since Juan is outnumbered by the conservatives on the show, he often seems to feel he needs to speak very loudly. Calm down, Juan!

New Trump proposal: Crossing state lines on health care.

Pakistan has helped secure the release of an American/Canadian family held hostage by the Taliban for five years! Trump says Pakistan is showing that it is starting to respect the United States, and he thanks them. The Canadian man would not board the US military plane, fearing he would be sent to Guantanamo.

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