Friday, February 03, 2017

Two Weeks!

Guest post by Suzann Darnall

President Donald John Trump has been in office for a mere two weeks, yet he has done more good for America than former President Barack Hussein Obama did in eight years. Partly because President Trump has spent part of his time undoing some of the damage left behind by the Obama presidency. And, all indications are that President Trump is just getting started on his promises to make America great again!

I think an important aspect of the Trump presidency is that he went into this job with the idea of working. Pretty much every day. He obviously does not sit around thinking about and planning his next golfing vacation or beach getaway. He is not shown leaning back in the Oval office with his feet on the desk. He is at work. Among other things he is doing the work it takes to get Americans back to work.

His two weeks of work has seemed in some ways like a two week dream vacation for some of us . . . at least emotionally. The ever increasing burden of worrying about what next big disaster will come out of Washington, DC has been pretty much lifted for the time being. While all is not perfect, the apparent cessation of the assault on America by our own government is cause for a bit of relaxation and celebration. I almost feel like we are being allowed to play while our president works, instead of the other way around. Which is how is was for the past eight years under the Vacationer-in-Chief.

It would seem that putting a businessman in the Oval Office is good for business ‘cause he gets right down to business. The business of being a leader, a commander, and a decision-maker. He is not about to just sit around to wait and see what happens. He is planning, preparing, and making things happen.

To me, it seems that the same traits which made Donald Trump a success in his personal and business lives will make him a success in his political life. He is a wheeler-dealer, for sure, but seems to eschew the idea of shady, underhanded, backroom deals so popular in DC and so detrimental to the American dream. He appears to go at problems head on and in the full light of day. He says it. He does it. Quite a change from the not-so-transparent administration we suffered under the past eight years!

He apparently isn’t into “drawing lines in the sand”, either. He doesn’t quibble or cower with indecision. He tells how it is. He fires those who do not do their jobs. Don’t wanna do it his way, fine. He will fire your sorry butt, kick over your pathetic lil sandbox, and build a new Trump Tower of action amidst the rubble of your petty political playground preoccupation. He did not come to Washington to play politics. He did not come to play at all. He came to work.

If you have any doubts about that, look again at what he has accomplished in just a mere two weeks!

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