Saturday, February 04, 2017

Compare the media treatment of Trump to their fawning worship of Obama

At Breitbart, Tom Tancredo asks us to
compare the worshipful treatment of Obama to what Trump has experienced since winning the election on November 8. The establishment press won’t even accept the legitimacy of Trump’s election, much less the strong points of his policy initiatives. They won’t let go of the popular vote versus the Electoral College. That is not ignorance of Civics 101; it is part of a political strategy to demonize and delegitimize the entire Trump program.

The media has openly joined the campaign by the Democratic Party and the “Social Justice” left to deny that President Trump has any policy mandates whatsoever. The narrative is this: since his presidency is illegitimate to begin with, it is okay to use violence to obstruct him at every point.

Trump is justified and very smart to communicate with the American people directly and not expect the media to convey his messages fairly. Too many of them have become angry partisans in the left’s demonization strategy, and they need to be short-circuited.

Conservatives and constitutionalists have seen media bias for half a century, and America has survived it. Yet, never has that bias and that vituperation been so uniform and vicious as what we see waged against President Trump. When it is coordinated with the near-uniform cultural bias in the entertainment and educational institutions, a triad of treachery emerges to challenge the very foundations of civic order.
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