Thursday, January 09, 2014

No fear

One of our female employees at work today was yelling, "Sir" repeated to a tall man as he was pushing his cart toward the exit. He pretended not to hear her, but everyone else could hear her fine. She finally caught up to him and asked if he had a receipt for his purchases. He told her that the machine at the self check out area did not give him a receipt. Another female employee heard him say that and told him to wait right there, while she went to check the machine. There was no receipt because he had made no purchases.

Meanwhile the first female subtley moved between him and the door. The second female returned to tell him why there was no receipt. He turned the cart over to the first female and left the store.

I told the first female that I admired her courage in confronting him, and that she did not show any fear. She said, "I'm not afraid of anyone. Fear just gets in your way!" Then she remembered that there is one person she is afraid of, a MMA fighter named Rhonda Rousy.

I told the second female how I admired her fearlessness. She said, "Why be afraid? If he hit me, I would get to go home...with pay!"

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