Friday, January 12, 2018

Progressive? More Like Regressive!

Guest post
by Suzann Darnall

Democrats, Liberals, Democratic Socialists, and many other such groups often identify as being Progressive. Of course, these groups, which sometimes also include Communists and Socialists, often change their names to protect the guilty and to try to keep their heinous truths hidden in the shadows of deception. In truth, no matter which name they choose, they are not progressive but regressive.
The definition of regressive includes: becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state. Such as, “the regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood". Sounds like today’s societal snowflakes and politically left flakes to me!

In my experience Progressives do not create, they only destroy. They seem to be in favor of all things destructive. Abortions are their forever “go to” in anything even remotely political or societal. Then, there is the war they are constantly waging on traditional families, American values, and most religions. And, don’t even get me started on their efforts to erase history. In particular, right now, the tearing down of historical monuments across the South.

In Progressives’ efforts to control anything and everything, they bring nothing but chaos. They are in constant turmoil. Their messages are so inane or insane that even their most ardent followers get confused. They are often the definition of “comedy of errors”!

Except that it is not really a laughing matter. Progressive stupidity and cupidity brings about true tragedies on the stage that is real life.They cause people to lose lives, homes, businesses, rights, and more.

Progressives are bad for America. Their regressive practices are bringing to the forefront such evils as inequality, racism, sexism, poor health, bigotry, racketeering, and the list just goes on. It is not just the Progressive politicians, it is the common Progressive citizens. Government theft is bad enough. But, now there was court cases where citizens are being stripped of rights and possessions in frivolous lawsuits that are being upheld by activists judges.

I am not saying Progressives do not have the right to believe as they wish. I am saying they do not have the right to impose on others who do not believe the same. Their beliefs cannot trample the rights of others. This is exactly what they do when they push push push for so-called Political Correctness and Tolerance. Most Progressive ideas are neither correct politically nor are they tolerant!

We must stand up for our rights and freedoms. We must fight Progressives trying to force all Americans to kow-tow to their ideals. We do not all fit into the same size little boxes and I am not gonna be stuffed into one just to make some snowflake or political flake happy!

Liberty can really only be achieved as individuals. Once forced into a collective, we have already lost a measure of our freedom. I refuse to regress to becoming a lesser being. I am an American. I am an individual. I am free! Come join me in truly progressing back towards the rights, freedom, and liberty endowed by our Creator and acknowledged by our Founding Fathers!


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