Thursday, July 06, 2017

The media is trying to oust Trump, Trump's tactical brilliance, Sharyl Attkisson

Laura believes 95% of American media is trying to oust Trump!

Gordon Chang was a guest on the program. He does not believe either Russia or China can be counted on to help with North Korea. He thinks Trump is trying to prevent Russia and China from coalescing against us.

Chang is amazed at Trump's tactical brilliance. On Monday he had the prime minister of India to the White House. On Tuesday our government released a report categorizing China as one of the worst nations for human trafficking. On Thursday we took action to stop a bank from money laundering for North Korea. Also on Thursday we did a big arms sale with Taiwan. We also sailed closer than ever before to the disputed islands in the South China Sea.

A lot of work is going on regarding our southern border wall.

Trump told the South Korean president that the trade deficit has gotten worse every year, and that has to stop!

Trump has not removed any sanctions on Russia.

Sharyl Attkisson was a guest. She has a program on Sundays entitled Full Measure. I will listen to the podcast of last Sunday's show and report on it here.

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