Thursday, July 06, 2017

"Need energy? Give us a call!"

President Trump got in several digs at Russia in his speech in Poland today. "Give us a call," if you want to buy natural gas from a nation that won't use energy to coerce other nations! Trump was also critical of how the Soviets treated Poland in World War II and during the cold war.

One of Brett's guests was the defense minister of UK. He will be meeting with James Mattis tomorrow.

President Trump is considering some "pretty severe things", Trump today said, concerning what actions we might take against North Korea's dictator.

Contrasting with JFK, who said, let them come to Berlin "You want "family values?" "Let them come to Poland!"

Mike Pence said we are going back to the moon and Mars.

Oregon gave a gift to Planned Parenthood, as the Democrat legislature voted for free abortions for all, including illegal immigrants.

Four children and their father were stabbed to death. I did not catch the state where it occurred. The mother is "a suspect."

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