Saturday, July 01, 2017

Encouraging illegal aliens to vote, torturing and killing dogs, encouraging suicide, fraudulently obtaining Obamaphones

Democrat state officials in California, Virginia, Missouri, and New York are refusing to cooperate with Trump's voter fraud probe. How many illegal aliens voted?

China has just concluded this year's Yulin Dog Meat Festival. 10,000 dogs were killed. They are first tortured, then killed, then eaten. It is believed that torturing the dogs makes the meat more tender and increases a man's sexual prowess!

In Oregon and California assisted suicide is legal. Some insurance companies are encouraging patients to kill themselves! Dr. Brian Callister tried to transfer patients for a life sustaining curative procedure, but was turned down by two different insurance companies.

Remember Obamaphones? It has been discovered that the "Lifeline" program that gives out the phones is rife with fraud. As much as 30% pf the phones were obtained fraudulently. Now they are branching out to free internet.

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