Wednesday, July 05, 2017

CNN's numbers

At Truth Revolt Trey Sanchez reports on CNN's ratings numbers.
Things don’t look so great over at CNN. The long-running news network has been sacked with a retraction on a fake Russia story, reporters resigning, undercover videos exposing them as ratings hounds, not facts-based journalism, and now, the numbers. It’s bad.

And no matter how they try and spin it, viewers are turning elsewhere. TV Newser analyzed the numbers for the week of June 26-29 and found that CNN was consistently under one million viewers and more often under 900,000 viewers. CNN fared better than only its sister network, HLN, whose numbers are abysmal. Fox News and MSNBC crushed CNN with both regularly reaching over two million total viewers each day.

James Barrett at Daily Wire writes, “The comparisons between CNN's viewership and that of Fox News and MSNBC are truly eye-opening. Fox News tripled CNN's viewership in nearly all of the primetime slots. Fellow left-wing network MSNBC dominated CNN in all primetime hours as well, doubling its viewership by average for most of the evening.”

“And these numbers are not outliers; CNN has been increasingly coming in last to Fox and MSNBC and often struggles to reach the million-viewer mark during its primetime programming,” Barrett adds.

This is what you get when you constantly peddle fake news and are called out by an administration that doesn't have you in its lap.

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Infidel de Manahatta said...

It always amuses me when media court the left and then their numbers fall.