Monday, July 17, 2017

Bret Baier's Special Report covers a lot of ground tonight.

Today is a deadline for President Trump to sign off on a document certifying that Iran is complying with sanctions. Today Iran imprisoned a 37-year-old Chinese American doctoral student from Princeton. He was arrested last summer on charges I didn't understand. Iran has already received tens of billions of dollars, thanks to Obama.

Rand Paul is voting "no" on the health care bill as it now stands. He explained that "Nearly $200 billion for a bailout of the insurance industry is called "temporary stabilization." Nobody owns Rand Paul, that I can see. That's a good thing! However, Brit Hume called him a Republican in name only (RINO). That does not seem fair to me. Susan Collins is also opposed to the plan for very different reasons than Rand Paul. Trump said he hopes John McCain makes a quick recovery from surgery on a blood clot above his eye, because they need his vote.

Brit Hume made another remark: "If it turns out that there were more meetings between Trump team members and Russians, the administration would be in dire straits and all bets would be off." Does Brit know something we don't know?

Congress is allocating more money for the military than Trump requested. There is enough money for transgender surgery to fund 13 F35 aircraft, and there is lots of money to study climate change!

There have been 2000 shooting victims so far this year in Chicago, which has one of the strictest gun control laws in the nation!

An Afghan man who saved many American soldiers' lives has been brought to America and will be living in Omaha.

There was a referendum yesterday on the Madura government in Venezuela. Citizens voted overwhelmingly against him. A Florida Congresswoman was a guest on the program. She advocates new sanctions against the "thugs" who run that country. Nearly 100 have died in civil unrest protests there. The inflation rate in Venezuela is 800%. 87% have no money for food. All of this in one of the most oil rich countries on earth. Trump has sanctioned their Supreme Court Justices who have been throwing opposition leaders in jail.

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