Monday, June 17, 2013

Liberty versus Leftism and Islamism

You've heard of third world countries. What about first and second worlds? And, is there a fourth? Gagdad Bob thinks so:

the fourth world is diffuse mythological/magical, the third world centralized mythic/magical authoritarianism, the second world progressive / leftist / fascist / socialist / atheist statism, and the first world the vertically informed horizontality of American-style classical liberalism.

In another post Bob points out that Islam seeks to set up a theocratic state. Their rulers confuse themselves with God. Christianity, on the other hand, asserts that One Man has made that transformation: Jesus Christ. We worship Him, not the state and its elitist leaders. Bob asserts that there is great similarity between the leftism we are experiencing in the U.S. and the Islamism being experienced in the Middle East:

About that ontological gap between heaven and earth. It is interesting how similar leftism is to Islamism, because both approaches attempt to force salvation on us via politics. Obama is just the latest nitwiteration, nor is he the last, since leftists, by definition, do not learn. Leftism cannot be corrected or cured, only awakened from.

But every "from" implies a "to," so I might add that -- similar to alcoholism -- there is no non-spiritual cure for leftism. Note that the alcoholic shifts his allegiance from the bottle to a "higher power" that can restore him to sanity -- to O, as it were. Just so, the leftist must transfer his allegiance from the state to that very higher power who created us free and equal to begin with, prior to the state.

At the end of his post Dr. Bob reprises something he wrote previously; a twelve step program called Apparatchiks Anonymous. My favorite was step eleven:

Sought to improve our conscious contact with the Source of our Liberty through prayer, meditation, and listening to Rush Limbaugh.

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